Disappointments and Lessons from Alabama Football!

ImageWell, being an Alabama fan, I was disappointed about the way the season ended.  I’ll be honest, for many years I never watched football or was interested in football until after I was married to my wife, LaRheasa.  The first year we were married I went to her parent’s home for Thanksgiving, and it was there I was exposed to football.  I knew when I lived in Alabama of the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, but didn’t really pay a lot of attention to it.

I remember going to visit my dad in 2007, and when Alabama hired Nick Saban that was all folks in Alabama talked about.  I started paying attention to Alabama football then, mainly because I wanted to know what all of the hoopla was about.  I became sold on Nick Saban and Alabama football.  I have watched with excitement as the team went to victory after victory – I was so involved that I would feel let down when they lost, and watched every game with feelings of frustration when things didn’t go the way I thought they should.  I will admit I would feel my blood pressure rise, my stomach churn watching some games.  The Auburn/Alabama game this year was so disappointing in the way it was won (I know, not to Auburn fans).  But let it be known that now that I am a fan, I will be faithful to Alabama football no matter what.

Some things I have considered about football, and making some comparisons to life:

  1. Sometimes you work hard and come up short.  I respect the coaches and the players for Alabama when I consider the untold hours they practice to play football.  You have to give it your best constantly.  But as a Christian, I wonder if I am as disciplined as I need to be.  What if all of us would be as disciplined as these guys are to play a game for three hours a week.  What if Christians were as dedicated as these guys are – we would turn our world upside down again  (Acts 17:6).
  2. We can’t win them all.  In fact, I won none of the games.  That is why I refuse to second guess the coaches or the players on the field – I am not there and having to play.  But as Christians, we know that we have already won (see the book of Revelation).  We just have to be there for the games every week – some we will win against Satan, and some we will lose.  I wish that I could say that I had as good a season against Satan as Alabama has the last few years.  But it comes back to discipline, doesn’t it!
  3. Do your job.  This is Nick Saban’s mantra!  I appreciate his work ethic – and I wonder again if I prepared myself as he and the team has, if I would be a better Christian husband, father, preacher, elder . . .
  4. Sometimes it is not the big things, but it is little things.  Fumbling the football, missing a field goal, is what often loses the football game.  The small things are what cause us to lose our battles with Satan as well.  But we need to consider the importance of the little things as we think about the big things.  Christians need to be daily, constantly looking for their neighbors good (Luke 10:25-37).  It is the small things that we must be faithful in. (Luke 16:10).

If the Lord doesn’t return before August, another season of football will begin, and it will be another season of wins (hopefully no losses).  But if my favorite team wins or loses it won’t make a difference in my salvation. But, until the game is over (when I die or the Lord returns) I need to be disciplined in working for the Master to glorify him.  I need to pay attention to the small things that may make a difference in where I spend eternity.  I need to do my job!  I want to win this game; and with God’s help, I will!


About tommytidwell

I am a Christian, a husband of 36 years, and a father of three wonderful sons. I am a granddad (Pawpaw) (X6 with one on the way), and my grandsons and granddaughters are the greatest. I serve as a preacher for the church of Christ; which I truly consider to be a privilege of which I am so unworthy. I serve the Lord at the South Cobb church of Christ near Atlanta, GA.
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2 Responses to Disappointments and Lessons from Alabama Football!

  1. Kyle says:

    Good article, Tommy. This reminds me of 1 Corinthians 9:24-25; we must be focused and dedicated in serving Christ. -Kyle W.

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