It has been two weeks that have really made me stop and think about my life and the lives of those around me.  Back in December, we lost a friend; a wise man that I respected deeply.  Then, in the course of one day, I received the calls about two other men who were associated with the church.

As I sat with the families and reminisce over the lives of those they lost, I realized that I did not know these men as well as I thought I had.  And the reason for that was that I was so busy trying to take care of other things (preaching, teaching, preparation . . . ) that I did not take the time to talk with them and get to really know them.  Many men will not talk about themselves – they keep a lot in.  And I missed getting to really know them and how they think, what they considered to be important, and how they interacted with their family.

One of the men, as I talked with the family, “knew his bible backward and forward.”  And he tried to live it by supporting his family in every way that he could.  What a testimony to his life!

As I sat and listened, I thought to myself over and over – it is my loss that I did not get to know this brother better.

James says in James 4:14, “For what is your life, it is even as a vapor, that appears for a little time, and vanishes away.”  As I grow older time seems to fly by – I used to think it took a year for a year to go by – now, it seems like a matter of weeks. We get so busy paying the bills and living our lives that we don’t stop and take the time to really get to know our brothers and sisters in the Lord – sometimes we don’t even know our own brothers and sisters (blood relatives) that well anymore.

Jesus developed relationships with the twelve – and to develop relationships takes time. 

Will we take the time; make the time to get to know others in a way that we will not regret not having known them better?

I hope to, before it is my time to go!


About tommytidwell

I am a Christian, a husband of 36 years, and a father of three wonderful sons. I am a granddad (Pawpaw) (X6 with one on the way), and my grandsons and granddaughters are the greatest. I serve as a preacher for the church of Christ; which I truly consider to be a privilege of which I am so unworthy. I serve the Lord at the South Cobb church of Christ near Atlanta, GA.
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